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Your home’s heating and cooling system has a filter in it to clean the air. This filter can be supplemented with other air filtration solutions to improve your indoor air quality. These are your options when it comes to filtering the air in your house. Air Filter There’s a filter in your HVAC system that […]

Indoor air pollution is recognized as a top-five public health risk by the EPA, WHO and other notable organizations around the world. This awareness has spurred an emphasis on testing, monitoring and improving indoor air quality in both living and working environments in the U.S. Data collection is now more sophisticated and efficient than ever, […]

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to for your HVAC system to switch gears and get ready for the warmer months. Below is a checklist that’ll help make sure your system is in great running order before the heat comes on. Clean Vents and Registers Over time, your vents and registers will […]

If you live in a city or near a busy road, pollutants might be building up in your home. Having an air purifier running can remove dangerous particulates from the air and improve the overall condition of the indoor atmosphere. Properly placing air purification equipment can allow for maximum efficiency. Considerations for an Air Purifier […]