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Spring HVAC Checklist


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Spring HVAC Checklist

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to for your HVAC system to switch gears and get ready for the warmer months. Below is a checklist that’ll help make sure your system is in great running order before the heat comes on.

Clean Vents and Registers

Over time, your vents and registers will collect lots of dust, lint, and hair. To clean them, simply remove them and wipe them down with a bit of soap and warm water.

Clean or Replace an AC Air Filter

Over the course of a year, your air filters will impede lots of dust and other particulates from entering your HVAC system. Cleaning them will help your system breathe easier, but replacing them would be even better.

Clean Ceiling Fan Blades

Have you ever looked on top of your ceiling fan blades? They are notorious for collecting dust. A simple wipe down will go a long way in improving the quality of your household air.

Upgrade Parts of Your System

Springtime is an opportune moment to swap out the parts of your HVAC system that may be a little bit dated. Maybe it’s time for a new AC. If so, you just may find one during a spring sale.

Check Your AC Refrigerant Level

Before your AC starts up for the year, check its refrigerant level and top it off if it’s not where it should be.

Test Your AC

Before the hot weather hits, give your AC a spin. You want to make sure it’s in tip-top condition before you really need it.

You may also want to call for professional service before you start running your AC on a regular basis. At [company_name], we’ve got trained and experienced technicians ready to make sure your HVAC system can handle whatever you throw at it.

In addition to helping get your system ready, we also provide other essential home services, including insulation, heating, and indoor air quality services. Call [company_name] in Mesquite, TX, today for more information.