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How Indoor Air Quality Data Helps HVAC Technicians


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How Indoor Air Quality Data Helps HVAC Technicians

Indoor air pollution is recognized as a top-five public health risk by the EPA, WHO and other notable organizations around the world. This awareness has spurred an emphasis on testing, monitoring and improving indoor air quality in both living and working environments in the U.S. Data collection is now more sophisticated and efficient than ever, and HVAC technicians are using that information to improve IAQ in customers’ homes.

Outdoor Air Pollution Data

Without air purification, the air in a home will at best be as polluted as the air outside it. The upside is that modern air pollution data collection is much more comprehensive. The numbers are not only more accessible but available at a granular level. If you live in a zone where pollution levels are a concern, your technician can make recommendations, such as air purification or humidity control, based on that information.

Indoor Air Pollution Data

HVAC technicians now have better tools to test and monitor IAQ in homes. Comparing this data to the outdoor data can provide great insight into how well your system is functioning. If the indoor IAQ is significantly higher than the outdoor IAQ, it can indicate a ventilation problem, a source of pollutants within the home or other serious issues. Your technician cannot only identify problem areas but also help you prioritize them based on the severity.

Recommendations Based on IAQ Data

If indoor contamination has been ruled out, your technician can use the data to recommend a whole-home purifier or individual units for high-use areas. Ventilation can be assessed and upgraded if need be. The technician can also evaluate temperature and humidity levels, both of which can exacerbate indoor air pollution. Your technician may also recommend a smart sensor in order to track IAQ over the long term.

Your Local IAQ Experts

[company_name] offers indoor air quality services for homeowners in Plano and throughout the neighboring communities. In addition to IAQ testing, these services include the installation, maintenance and repair of air purifiers, dehumidifiers and smart sensors. Our team also provides a full range of heating and cooling services. Call us today with any questions and to schedule an IAQ test.