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Why The Size Of Your Central AC Matters


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Why The Size Of Your Central AC Matters

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Do you know the size of your central air conditioner? If not, then read this!

A properly sized A/C and air conditioner service in Mesquite, TX are important for a number of reasons. Not only does your AC keep you comfortable in your home, but an under-sized A/C simply won’t do its job and can even damage your equipment. Read on to find out how to choose the right central A/C for your home, plus what an oversized one is and why you should avoid it.

The Effects Of Undersized A/Cs

A central A/C that is too small for its space will have trouble cooling the room quickly enough before it starts to cool an additional room. 

This causes the system’s timer to shut off before the compressor has completed its cycle and start back up again, repeating this process until eventually your unit will stop cooling and completely reheats. 

An undersized A/C will also exhaust more hot air than it removes, resulting in a room that doesn’t feel cool enough.

If you think your A/C is too small for your space, it probably is! Contact Robert & Sons today so they can come out and size up your home to find the perfect central A/C unit for you.

The Effects Of Oversized ACs

An air conditioner that is too large for its space will cool a room too quickly, resulting in a drop in indoor air quality and a possible ‘cold blast’ of air.

An oversized central A/C unit will not be able to efficiently heat up your home because it has simply exhausted the hot air around it before the next cooling cycle is even finished. 

It will also take a long time for the unit to heat up again after it has exhausted all of its cold air. This is because a large A/C requires more time and energy to reheat after it’s been in cooling mode.

In this situation, you’re better off having two or three smaller central A/C units. This will ensure the proper amount of air is being conditioned by your A/C as it keeps you properly cooled and heated.

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Robert & Sons A/C and Heating, LLC makes sure that both heating and cooling systems are sized correctly for every job by highly qualified service technicians to keep you comfortable all year long.

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