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7 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips


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7 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

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During fall, the leaves are changing colors, the air has a little chill in it, and you might even have to put on a sweater or jacket for an evening walk. You know what that means: HVAC Maintenance Season!

It’s time to turn your attention back to your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance. Here are 7 tips to help you prepare for the chilly season ahead:


Tips To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Fall

  1. Check Your Filter – Make sure your filters are clean before turning up the heat, so you don’t strain the unit. Change them every month if they’re disposable. Otherwise, wash them with soap and water according to the manufacturer’s instructions or vacuum, then replace them monthly
  2. Check The Vents – Vent Covers are game-changers. They make your home feel warmer by blocking air from vents – but they also keep conditioned air inside and outside air out. Check with the manufacturer for specific removal and cleaning instructions. If covers do not have manufacturer’s care labels, then wipe or sweep clean with warm water and dry thoroughly before replacing. 
  3. Check For Drafts – Inspect your windows and doors for drafts and seal them with weather-strip or plastic window insulation kits, available at most hardware and home improvement stores.
  4. Prepare Autumn Fixes – Put away lawn furniture and garden tools, so you don’t damage these items when clearing space in storage areas. Also, consider unplugging patio heaters to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning if you store them inside, getting rid of leaves that cling to outdoor fans by using a leaf blower, and covering all exposed water pipes with insulation to avoid frozen pipes.
  5. Turn Your Thermostat Back – The rule of thumb is to turn your thermostat back about 4 degrees for every hour you will be away from home or when sleeping for more than 8 hours.
  6. Inspect The Unit – Walk around the house’s exterior and look for missing shingles that may let cold air inside. Also, check window seals for cracks, holes, or gaps and look around the house’s perimeter to see if the HVAC is sitting flush with the siding.
  7. Schedule Service – Call your HVAC technician to assess what you need and make suggestions on how to get ready before winter hits hard! They can also give the system a tune-up and look for any problems.

Robert & Sons A/C & Heating, LLC, Is Ready For Fall

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