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Why is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?


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Why is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

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AC units can occasionally emit strange noises that leave Plano homeowners perplexed and often worried. Luckily, some noises are more serious than others. For instance, loud noises coming from your unit usually indicate that there are severe problems within the system. However, other types of sounds can signal less serious problems with quick fixes. If you are curious about the causes of the loud and unusual sounds you hear from your air conditioner, read through this article to find out.

Buzzing Sounds

You may notice buzzing noises coming from the outside or inside of the air conditioning unit. Buzzing noises are a sign of an electrical problem in the cooling system. Some common electrical AC problems may include a broken capacitor, failing motor, or loose wiring. Fortunately, a certified HVAC technician can fix easily remedy this issue.

Clicking Sound

You might hear steady clicking sounds after turning on the AC unit. Electrical problems are often the cause of a clicking noise when the system doesn’t start. These noises could be due to a damaged capacitor, thermostat or compressor. Additionally, clicking sounds can happen repeatedly and faster as the system starts running. The common cause of a clicking air conditioning unit is a small obstruction in the outdoor fan. It’s wise to first remove the obstacle before proceeding to run the cooling system.

Banging Sounds

The worn-out compressor or loose compressor parts could cause a banging noise coming from your outdoor AC unit. Loose compressor parts cause the banging noise as they rattle inside your AC compressor’s outer casing. Unfortunately, you may need to replace the compressor in this case. Therefore, call a professional HVAC technician for compressor replacement.

Hissing Sounds

A refrigerant leak is usually a leading cause of hissing noises from an AC system. Other AC problems that could cause a hissing noise may include duct leak, bad expansion valve, or incorrectly fitting air filter. It would be wise to hire an expert to check on the system and repair the problem.

Don’t worry if you are experiencing any of these sounds from your AC system. We have qualified HVAC technicians to repair AC problems and stop these loud noises. We are experienced with cooling installations, maintenance agreement services, light commercial services, and blown-in insulation installation. Give [company_name] a call now to have our technicians check on your noisy AC.