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Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?


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Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?

Furnace with the front panel removed revealing electronics inside

Winters in Plano, TX, can get cold, so you’ll need a dependable furnace to keep you comfortable. Natural gas furnaces are efficient and effective at heating, especially in places where the air temperature drops well below freezing during the wintertime. Gas companies add a chemical called mercaptan to their product so that you can smell it if it is leaking. Here’s what you need to know about when it is normal and is not normal to smell gas from your furnace.

Normal: Initiation of a Heating Cycle

If you happen to be near your furnace when it begins a heating cycle, you might briefly detect the foul odor of natural gas. This is normal. It happens because the pilot or ignition takes a fraction of a second to ignite the gas. Once the gas is burning, the smell should go away.

Not Normal: Throughout the Whole Heating Cycle

If you can smell gas during the whole heating cycle, this isn’t normal. Your furnace may be dirty, or it may have a problem with a valve, seal or burner. A gas leak is also possible. Get everyone out of your home, including pets. Call for urgent furnace repair services.

Not Normal: Gas Odor When There’s No Heating Cycle

If you can smell gas from your furnace, and the furnace isn’t running a heating cycle, this is a problem. Your furnace might have a gas leak. There could be a gas leak elsewhere in your home. Evacuate everyone, stand at a safe distance away, and call for emergency repairs.

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