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What is Blown-In Insulation and Does it Help With Soundproofing?


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What is Blown-In Insulation and Does it Help With Soundproofing?

For existing homes with no insulation, blown-in insulation provides a way to fill cavities in walls and attics. The insulation is blown in through hoses that connect to small holes that an insulation team cuts into the top of exterior walls. Although the process is relatively simple, you can enjoy excellent results from blown-in insulation. It protects your home’s interior from excess external heat or cold and works as a soundproofing material.

What Is Blown-In Insulation?

Small bits of cellulose comprise blown-in insulation. Recycled newsprint provides about 85% of the cellulose material. Manufacturers then treat the cellulose with ammonium sulfate and borate. These substances act as fire retardants and deter infestations by pests. Cellulose insulation is safe for people to handle.

Installation Requires Cutting Exterior Holes

Installers make small holes between wall studs to connect with the hoses that move the insulation from the blower to the home. If your home has siding, a small amount of siding will be temporary removed to make the holes. The holes will then be plugged in, and the siding reattached. Blowing insulation into an attic is accomplished through attic access doors.

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Enjoy More Peace and Quiet

As a bonus, the installation of blown-in insulation delivers a noticeable soundproofing effect. Before insulation, the unfilled gaps between studs and ceiling joists allowed external sound vibrations to resonate through your walls. Filling the spaces with cellulose essentially muffles the movement of sound waves.

We Keep You Comfortable

Insulation is just part of a complete strategy for keeping a home comfortable and controlling utility costs. At [company_name], we perform heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and installation. You can depend on us for solving indoor air quality problems too. Talk to our specialists today.