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Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Heating System


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Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Heating System

With heating season upon us, there are easy things you can do to keep from damaging your heating system. By following some simple tips, you can avoid repair bills and get the most life you can out of your heater.

Change the Filter Regularly

Dirty or clogged air filters cause damage to your heating system. They make it difficult for air to circulate through your system, which can cause damage to the fan’s limit switch, for example. You should swap out filters regularly, especially because they cost much less than an expensive repair bill.

Have Annual Maintenance

If you neglect your heater, it can eventually cause damage. You should schedule preventative maintenance with an HVAC professional every fall. They have the tools and experience to make sure your heater is operating as it should and can catch little things before they become big problems.

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Do Not Close Your Vents

Many homeowners close vents in unused rooms, which is a big mistake. Your heater is designed to heat your entire home, so when it can’t, there is undue stress on its parts. Closing vents can also cause leaks in your ductwork, which can result in increased energy bills. Your entire HVAC system could be damaged by closed vents.

Don’t Put the Temperature Setting Too High

You shouldn’t turn up your thermostat too high as it can cause your heater to operate nonstop. If you hear your heater continuously operating, check the thermostat and lower the temperature. A heater that operates around the clock will break down more often and have a reduced lifespan.

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