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A/C Causing Problems? It’s The Season


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A/C Causing Problems? It’s The Season

HVAC technician examines disassembled HVAC unit

Living in Texas, the heat in the summer months can be a major problem. However, with that can come potential problems with your A/C system, something no one wants to have to deal with during the scorching Texas summer heat. The summer months tend to push our A/C’s to the limit, which can cause problems such as blowing out warm air

If you find yourself facing this problem, you’ll want to look into the root cause to ensure you can call the experts to help you find a quick solution in Plano, TX. We’ll share some reasons you may experience this problem and the experts you can count on to help you out. 

A/C Blowing Warm Air: What’s The Problem?

Some of the most common reasons A/C’s tend to blow out warm are: 

Dirty Air Filters

When your cooling system has a dirty filter, the cool air cannot circulate throughout the system, which in turn causes strain on the A/C and results in warm air coming out. Your air filters are something that should be observed regularly to ensure they are cleaned if dirty. 

Frozen Evaporator Coils 

Your A/C’s evaporator coils extract heat from the home’s air to get the cooling process started. However, when moisture gathers on the coils, they may end up freezing. Frozen coils essentially prevent heat transfer, so instead of cool air, you’ll be feeling warm air blowing from your A/C. 

It’s important to note that frozen evaporator coils can result from poor airflow, leaks in the refrigerant, or damage to the system as a whole. Whatever the cause may be, don’t try to play around with the system as you may risk causing more damage; you’ll be best off contacting a reliable team of technicians who can easily determine the root cause. 

Thermostat Setting

Sometimes, it’s as simple as making a mistake on the thermostat. This can lead to the A/C not releasing enough cold air. When setting your A/C double check to see if the fan is set to be ON instead of AUTO; if so, it’ll be running at all times, not just when cooling. This can result in warm air being circulated. 

Leaking Refrigerant 

When refrigerant escapes the system due to a leak, the A/C gets affected as it won’t have the proper charge to complete a cleaning cycle. Refrigerant leaks cannot be handled without a licensed technician who will have the proper tools for refrigerant handling. 

Dealing With A/C Problems? Call Robert & Sons A/C & Heating, LLC.

Dealing with the scorching summer heat is hard enough; having to deal with A/C problems on top of that can make it even worse. At Robert & Sons A/C & Heating, LLC, we are a full-service HVAC company and are proud to offer high-quality A/C services to Plano, TX residents, and business owners. 

When it comes to A/C, it’s important to enlist the help of the experts to ensure the issue is resolved and does not happen again in the future. We offer A/C repair in Plano, TX.