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10 Tips To Lowering Your Energy Bills With Your HVAC System


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10 Tips To Lowering Your Energy Bills With Your HVAC System

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It’s a hot summer day, and you’re feeling the heat. You turn on your air conditioning, but you can’t help but feel guilty about the energy you’re consuming. You know there must be ways to reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing your comfort at home.

Fortunately, there are many tips to save energy in HVAC systems for property owners that can help reduce their energy bills and minimize their environmental impact.

This blog will explore some of the best energy-saving strategies for HVAC systems and how they can benefit property owners. So read on to learn more!

Cut Costs And Conserve Energy With Your HVAC System

1. Adjust The Thermostat

Lowering or raising the temperature by as little as one-degree °F can reduce your energy bill by up to 2%. Additionally, changing the temperature by 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day may save up to 10% on your electricity bills annually.Take

2. Advantage Of Natural Light

Natural light can help heat your home during the winter and keep it cool in the summer. Make sure to draw curtains, blinds, or shades accordingly to let the sunlight in or block it out, depending on the time and your heating or cooling needs.

3. Maintain Your HVAC System

Proper HVAC maintenance can increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Regularly clean your air filters, ducts, and coils, and book professional maintenance at least once a year. Attending your HVAC repairs on time can make a difference!

4. Replace Your Filters Regularly

Dirty air filters can restrict airflow, reduce a system’s efficiency, and increase your energy costs. We recommend changing filters every three months to ensure proper airflow throughout your HVAC system.

5. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Upgrading your thermostat can give you better control over your HVAC system, allowing you to program temperature changes based on occupancy, time of day, and other factors!

6. Use Fans

Using fans in conjunction with your HVAC system can improve air circulation, making your home feel more comfortable while reducing the load on the system. Whit fans, you can raise your thermostat by a few degrees without sacrificing comfort!

7. Seal Your Ducts

Air leakage from your ductwork can cause up to 20% of the air to escape and waste energy. Sealing your ductwork can improve airflow, increase energy efficiency, and reduce your energy bills.

8. Consider Zoning

Zoning allows different areas of your home to be heated or cooled differently, significantly reducing the load on your HVAC system and minimizing energy waste.

9. Go for Energy-Efficient Systems

Consider investing in an Energy Star-certified HVAC system, which can save you up to 20% on your energy bills.

10. Don’t Forget to Turn It Off

Finally, remember to turn off your HVAC system when not used. If you’re leaving your home, turning off the system can save you energy and reduce costs.

Saving Energy Has Never Been Easier!

Stop being worried about your high energy bills. At Robert & Sons A/C & Heating, LLC., we are dedicated to providing our clients with expert-level heating and cooling maintenance and repair services.

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