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5 Tips To Keep Your Thermostat Working Properly


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5 Tips To Keep Your Thermostat Working Properly

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Having a broken AC or thermostat can be an incredibly frustrating experience. It makes your home uncomfortable, and an air conditioner repair can also be expensive. That’s why preventive maintenance is key to keeping your AC running all year round smoothly to avoid repair.

Following these five tips can help keep your air conditioner in optimal condition and avoid costly repairs. Read on for our top suggestions for ensuring that your AC and thermostat are working properly at all times!

5 Tips To Keep Your Thermostat In Optimal Condition

  1. Keep an Eye Out for the Obvious: You should always keep a close eye out for any obvious signs of AC or thermostat issues. If you notice anything strange, such as your AC turning on and off repeatedly, loud noises coming from the unit, or one that won’t turn on, it’s time to call a professional AC repair technician.
  2. Keep Your Thermostat Clean: Keeping your filter clean is essential for optimal AC performance. A dirty AC filter can block the airflow and strain your system, leading to issues or even a complete breakdown. Check and change your filters at least once every three months.
  3. Use Fresh Batteries: Using fresh batteries in your AC thermostat can help ensure that readings are accurate and that the AC is functioning properly. Check and change the batteries regularly to keep them running smoothly. 
  4. Keep Your Thermostat Connected: It’s important to keep the thermostat connected to a working electrical outlet. It will ensure that AC readings stay accurate and up-to-date.
  5. Maintain Your Thermostat: The performance of your AC can be improved by routine maintenance. By scheduling AC maintenance once a year, you can prevent repairs and help keep it working properly for years to come.

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