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3 Telltale Signs Your AC Capacitor Is Damaged


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3 Telltale Signs Your AC Capacitor Is Damaged

Inside view of electrical components in an HVAC unit

Ensuring your air conditioner continues running efficiently as the weather shifts are crucial. An AC capacitor plays a central part in powering up and maintaining your cooling system; however, capacitors don’t last forever due to ordinary wear or electrical surges. 

Sometimes you might need AC repair or replacement services from an “AC company near me.” For your peace of mind, here are three telltale signs that your AC capacitor is damaged and needs serviced by a qualified air conditioner repair professional.

What Is An AC Capacitor?

If you’re new to the different components of your AC unit, all systems include a motor, which requires a capacitor. This device acts like an energy storage reservoir that charges and starts up the fan blades when it’s time for cooling. Once this begins, so does the entire cycle of turning on your AC system.

3 Signs You Can’t Overlook!

  • Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air: If the capacitor is not working, warm air comes out of your vents instead of cold air. You can try turning your condenser unit on and off again, but if the problem continues, it might be because the capacitor is failing.
  • Humming Noise from Outdoor Unit: A bad AC capacitor makes a humming noise from the access panel. If you hear a humming noise, there is a problem with the air conditioning system or AC unit parts. Try turning on and off power to see if it happens again.
  • Abnormal Energy Bills: Another symptom of a bad air conditioner capacitor is an increase in your electric bills. The AC unit takes more power when an air conditioning capacitor is bad. It makes the AC unit not work as well, and it will take longer to cool your house down.

Do You Need An “HVAC Company Near Me?”

If you suspect your AC capacitor is damaged and need help from reliable “AC companies near me,” we can help you at Robert & Sons A/C & Heating. Our qualified technicians have years of experience and are equipped to handle all your HVAC needs. We have been providing AC repair and replacement services for almost a decade, so that you can trust us with your systems. Get in contact with one of our technicians today!