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Heating and Furnace Maintenance Before Winter


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Heating and Furnace Maintenance Before Winter

HVAC technician examines disassembled HVAC unit

The temperatures are dropping, and winter is on its way. Before the cold weather hits, it’s important to do some preparation for your home. One of the most important things to take care of is your heating and furnace system. 


Regular maintenance is key to keeping your heating and furnace system running properly and preventing any unexpected problems from happening. It’s especially important to make sure that your heating system is in good condition before winter so that you and your family can stay warm and comfortable all season long.

Keep Your Heating in Good Condition to Keep Yourself Warm

Heating and furnace system maintenance is an important part of household maintenance. Sometimes, this duty is overlooked until the system stops working. Since colder months are coming to Texas, Plano, and Dallas, Fort Worth residents should take note of these maintenance tips to keep their heating systems running smoothly all winter long:


  • Make sure to keep your chimney clean: This will help prevent clogs, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning during the winter months, especially since you are spending more time indoors with windows closed.


  • Check the air filter: A dirty air filter will make your heating system work harder and can cause it to break down. Since your HVAC system is running at max capacity during cold seasons, plan to change your air filter every month during the winter.


  • Keep vents clear of obstructions: Make sure that no furniture, carpet, or other items are blocking the airflow; this can cause the furnace to work harder than necessary.


  • Have your HVAC system serviced by professionals: Hiring a professional helps prolong the lifespan of your HVAC equipment, which can avoid furnace repair in the long run.


Extend Your Heating System’s Lifespan, Hire Robert & Sons

Heating and furnace system maintenance is something that professionals should do. Not only can they do a better job, but it’s also important for your safety. A dirty heating system can cause all sorts of problems, from decreased efficiency to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. So don’t wait; call Robert & Sons A/C & Heating, LLC.


When it comes to heating your home, Robert & Sons is the best option. We have been providing heating and furnace maintenance services to Plano, TX, for over 8 years. We work with the best professionals in the Dallas Metroplex area. Our certified technicians are ready to provide assistance in your heating system maintenance and answer any questions you might have. Avoid furnace repair by giving maintenance in advance.