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5 Steps To Properly Turn On Your AC After Some Downtime


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5 Steps To Properly Turn On Your AC After Some Downtime

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As spring is rapidly approaching, we know that summer is not that far behind. With the warm weather often comes increased HVAC usage from homeowners. In no time, you and numerous other homeowners will be searching for relief from the summer heat. 

You expect your HVAC system to always run optimally, not just on the first instance you require it but every time you switch on your air conditioner. Before turning the system back on, you should ensure that HVAC contractors are ready to maintain it properly. Here are some steps to take to get your system up and running after a winter of downtime.

Follow These 5 Steps To Properly Turn on Your HVAC System

As the days of summer draw near, you do not want to encounter any surprises with your air conditioner. To ensure that your system is in optimal working order and avoid potential issues down the line and searching for “AC companies near me,” follow these five simple steps:

1. Clean the Air Vents 

The air vents need to be cleaned of all dust, dirt, and debris that have built up. Use a hose attachment vacuum cleaner to remove all the vents’ dust and dirt.

2. Check Ductwork for Damage or Leaks 

It is important to check your system’s ductwork for holes, cracks, or tears. If there are any, it could cause air to leak out or make the system not work as well.

3. Change the HVAC Filter 

It is important to regularly change or clean your air conditioning filter for the best possible results. Replace any old or damaged filters, as these will make the system less effective.

4. Check Drain Lines 

It is important to ensure that the HVAC system drain lines are clear. It means that no dirt or other things are blocking the water path. If there is dirt on the inside coil of an air conditioner, it will cause the drain lines to become clogged.

5. Check Circuit Breaker 

Check the circuit breaker to ensure it is not turned off or broken. If the system is still not working well, you can look for AC companies that can help figure out what is wrong.

Don’t Want To Go Through The Inconvenience Of Maintaining it?

Let’s be real, who wants to go through the inconvenience of HVAC maintenance? If you want to ensure that your HVAC system is properly taken care of and continues to run optimally, Robert & Sons A/C & Heating is one of the best AC companies. As HVAC contractors, we ensure your HVAC system is at its peak potential and ready for the summer season. 

With our years of experience, we can eliminate HVAC maintenance stress. Contact us today to learn about our services!