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3 Main Factors That Affect Your AC Efficiency


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3 Main Factors That Affect Your AC Efficiency

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Are you aware of the key elements impacting air conditioner efficiency? If not, then this blog is tailored to you! Regular maintenance and timely repairs are vital for your AC unit’s performance during warm months.

Unfortunately, most individuals don’t understand the significance of proper AC care until it’s too late. This post will cover three factors affecting your AC’s effectiveness and output. So, if you want to stay cool throughout the summer season without having unexpected issues with costly repairs or replacements down the line – keep on reading!

5 Critical Air Conditioning Factors

You must consider numerous factors to ensure that your air conditioning system runs efficiently. Failing to do so can result in needing an urgent “AC repair near me,” and it’s important not to forget how vital AC maintenance is for ensuring optimal performance in the long run.

Below are three main factors that determine AC performance:

  1. Temperature Set Point

To maintain your air conditioner’s optimal performance and energy consumption, set the temperature to a cool enough level to keep your house at a pleasant temperature without wearing out too quickly. You can find an ideal balance when warm outside by setting the thermostat between 76-78 degrees.

  1. Air Duct Conditions

The airflow will be poor if the ducts are dirty or full of dust, pet fur, and other debris. It means the AC will not cool some areas in the house enough. To avoid this issue, get AC maintenance services from HVAC contractors to regularly check and clean these ducts.

  1. Poor Airflow

When your air conditioning unit cannot absorb enough oxygen, the strain on your air handler is immense. Electrical power usage increases significantly due to decreased airflow resulting from dirty filters, blocked condensers, or ductwork issues.

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